Mirror Check


Author: Felicia Fowler

Editor: Korin Ludicke of Hello Korin


As a woman, I know how emotions and self-esteem go hand-in-hand. In fact, nothing is sexier on a woman than confidence. However, every now and then, negative opinions and thoughts cloud our self-esteem and spill out in our emotions.

Whenever I’m feeling down, little things like getting my hair and nails done always make me feel better. But, physical improvements are only half of it. What about the inside? It’s important to mirror check not only your appearance, your self value as well.

We’ve all experienced that “less than human” feeling from time to time. This feeling can sometimes stem from labels that other people put on us, labels we put on ourselves, or a less than favorable reputation that has been established. Could you be feeling ‘less than’ because of a remark made by your boss or coworker? This would surely affect self-esteem, but is it expressed through anger, sadness, contempt, or guilt? Find the root of the emotion and pluck it like an unwanted hair. It helps to keep in mind that everyone is human capable of feelings, and behind every reputation is the potential for change. So remember the physical things that make you happy, and find healthy ways to express yourself. When it’s time for that mirror check say ‘HEY! I am beautiful and oh-so-valuable, and I deserve respect.”

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