Spring 2014 Fashion Trends

Author: Clarissa Rivera

The spring 2014 season has made its way off the runways of the fashion capitals and inspired us to start planning our outfits for this spring. Of course, not everything that walks down the runway will influence anybody’s wardrobe, but repetitive styling techniques from all four fashion capitals may have a great impact the next time you hit retail stores looking for an outfit. And so, to help you get on top of what’s in store, here are Spring 2014 fashion trends you can start to wear now!

1. Letter prints– The trend of bold letters and wordplay on your tees, shirts and tops continues into spring 2014. Go extreme, give everyone a message, share your today’s thoughts, how big the letters are and how cool do they look. Make it loud and clear.

2. Inverse shirt buttoning– The crisp, menswear-inspired dress shirt enjoys a makeover that is so simple it sounds too good to be true, but the simplicity of it is also brilliant. The trend of crop tops (they’re not going anywhere, ladies) has sent another trend raging: Inverse shirt buttoning. Instead of naturally leaving a few buttons at the top undone, invert the process by buttoning the top few and leave the rest to flow open wide.


3. Fringing– call it a watered down “Gatsby” effect, but the tasseled tops and dresses were swished onto the scene during fashion week and found more ways to leave a mark. If you encounter a piece that incorporates some fringe benefits into the equation, invest!

4. Over sized blazer vests– Picture it as the varsity jacket’s equally cool cousin. It has the street cred of a bomber jacket without those hefty sleeves. Pair it up with some leggings and an eye catching necklace. This look is versatile as you can wear it casually, or wear it as a full-on sleeveless suit. Accessorize it with a roomy satchel that’s perfect for the office. When in doubt: Vest to impress.

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