Kendra’s Wise Words From Dad

Wise Words From Kendra's Dad

By Kendra Frost

As we embark on the exciting journey of adulthood, we often find that decision-making becomes less black and white and much more complex. We search for the answers of life under any and every thing imaginable, and yet, still find ourselves at a dreadfully anticipated fork that will determine the events of our next chapter. Well, sometimes you have to just get back to the basics to deal with the most perplexing things of all.

While I’ve dubbed my dad “the master of punnery” and refer to him as my personal walking dictionary, he never fails to break it all down. It’s when we realize that some of the most intricate concepts can be broken down to a simple meaning or message that life becomes so much clearer. For me, it’s the simplest pieces of advice and words of wisdom that stick the longest.

My dad always says that your passion is often a clue to your future, and because of that you can’t give up. So many people allow themselves to become defeated when they haven’t reached a certain goal but don’t see that what they’re passionate about could be a gateway to something far greater. You could discover a new love, one you never would’ve conceived if it weren’t for the original vision. Don’t be overcome with dismay if things don’t go as you planned because as my dad would say, you choose if you want to be happy or sad, joyous or defeated. As cliché as it sounds, make lemonade out of the lemons you may’ve been given! We choose how we progress in life.

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  1. Wow! “We choose how we progress in life.” What an incredible revelation of how much responsibility we really have, whether we utilize it or not. Even so, thanks for reminding us of the ageless benefits of getting back to the basics. As you indicated in your second sentence, I too believe that we sometimes think that life is too hard to be that easy. Thus, we over-complicate everything that we possibly can. I enjoyed this read!!

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