Summer Makeup Routine



By: Clarissa Rivera

I love folding away my sweaters and scarves in my bins, only to discover them next year, like new, when the seasons change again. I love the transition from pumpkin spice and comfort food in the winter to bright, sweet and healthy meals in the spring. Additionally, I love changing up my makeup routine… because, for me, the season of summer means greeting a fresher and easier way of life. So I thought I’d share my summer makeup routine, because if there’s anything I’m ready for, it’s definitely my summer skin.

All year round, after washing my face I’ll usually start with applying a moisturizer to my face.

I never really fancied wearing a lot of makeup — I just don’t like the way it all feels on my face. Which is why I love two things here: bronzer and mascara. Brushes are amazing for getting great coverage without feeling like your makeup is caked on. And Sephora’s “Milk Chocolate Soleil- light medium matte” just makes the whole effect that much better by keeping their products light on the cake factor and great on the coverage.

Even though this particular bronzer pretty much gets the job done, my little miracle product is L’Oreal Paris True Match.I have some pretty nasty dark circles, and it clears them up better than anything I’ve ever tried.

After that, things start to get really easy.

Throw on a little mascara and a lip gloss (Lip stick if I’m going out).

It’s not much, but it makes the difference I need and it feels like nothing… which is just the way I like it.




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