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Thrifting my way through life.

Thrifty Travel

By: Ivory McCray (FM LIS)

{This title is deserved because I earned it. I thrift almost everything and it is not limited to anything.}

My way of thrifting through life goes far beyond the clothes. Do not misconstrue what I am saying about shopping because I could not survive without my thrift stores. I always find them along the way when I am out on my thrift journeys. I do not say thrift journeys lightly. Traveling does not cost as much as one may think. I am not one for the preservation of money but I do believe that everyone should think before spending.  I have five ways that make traveling thrifty and easy for me. I believe these ways can help others to see more of the world than they thought possible.

Ivory even thrifted this travel brooch!

Ivory even got this thrifted brooch!

1. Plant the Seed

It is our thoughts that become our reality. If you want to see the world, say it out loud and write it down. When I was a child I would go outside and “dig my way to China.” I believed that it was just the world underneath my feet holding me back and if I dug far enough I would be there. Eventually, I did dig far enough. I found myself in China at in 2013. It was more than what I imagined. I went to other parts of Asia while visiting China as well. China was not my first “out of the country” excursion which leads me to my next step.

2. Pace yourself/planning

The first time I went out of the country, I went to Puerto Rico. Yes, it is owned by the US but I needed a flight to get there. I looked up the best possible options because I was still a college student. I wasn’t broke but I was far from where I want to be. I had over a year to plan the trip. When I first decided to go for my 22nd birthday all of my friends bailed on me. That did not dissolve my plans but it put them on hold. It gave me more time to plan and bring down the price. I turned what could have been my birthday trip into a graduation trip. I saved more money that I could have imagined and scored twice the time.

Had I flown out of Atlanta I’m not sure I would have taken the trip because the price was 3 times the amount that I paid. We drove down to Orlando to catch our flight. We got two trips for one. Third party travel sites are your best friend. They have lower prices and those prices will always be your saving grace when traveling. You don’t need a travel agent. Cut the cost and do the work. There is nothing that makes me more proud when I see all that I have planned and can take credit for the success.

3.Travel buddies

You CANNOT travel with just anybody. It only takes one bad trip to realize that not everyone is your exploratory match. When you travel with good company, the trip is that much more satisfactory. Not to mention it’s a huge cost cutter which brings me to tip number four…


4. Sleep?

How much time do you plan on spending in your hotel room? Yes a nice clean hotel is essential but you don’t have to go four seasons everywhere you go. When I travel I would like to spend as little time as possible in the hotel. It is strictly for about 5-8 hours of sleep, showers and Wifi (when traveling abroad).

Share the cost with those awesome travel buddies that you have. Don’t forget to utilize all of the accommodation that you are paying for (read the fine print) at your hotel.  Ask for a rollaway bed if needed because majority of the time it is available. Grab that complimentary muffin and get the engine running. It is impossible to climb the Great Wall of China on ‘E’.


5. Spend wisely

By spending wisely, your travel will be endless. Use the least amount of money possible to get there and only buy what you need when you are there. If there is the same store while traveling as there is when you live, do you really need something from there? Pick one fancy restaurant to dine in while traveling and the remainder of the time eat like a local. Always remember to get more for your money.

What are you waiting for? Your next trip awaits you.

Ivory (FM LIS) is a self-published author and you can purchase her book entitled, Vicariously Free here. Be sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram as well as liking her Facebook page.


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