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By: Clarissa Rivera

It started with the Spice Girls. Like most American girls growing up in the ‘90s, my childhood was spend arguing whether or not I was going to be Sporty spice or Posh. Posh had her glam, the pout, and her charms – but Sporty could do back flips. Sporty wore cool track pants and crop tops. In my young mind, something about this style resonated well with me. I saved this look somewhere deep in my fashion archives (before pinterest and tumblr).

Years later, I’ve embraced the crop top yet again. I’m sure you can agree with me when I say it’s not an exaggeration to say that crop tops can stress you out once summer rolls around. I’m here to squash those fears before they really take root.

If you think about it, crop tops actually draw attention to the thinnest part of your body: the area in the middle of your ribcage. Doesn’t matter if you’re pear-shaped, curvy, long and thin, or fit and cut.

Long and thin

Fear not- the print! Try crop tops that have bright prints and pair it with a solid mid length color bottom to minimize height without you looking too short.

Tall and Thin



If you think you can’t pull off wearing a crop top, you’re most definitely wrong. The tip is to do is classy. The key: pair a short-to-mid length crop top with a high-waist skirt, so only a modest amount of skin is showing.

Plus Size




If anyone knows how to rock a cropper with their curves, it’s Kim Kardashian. She’s walking proof that croppers are a great way to show off your assets. The tip: a crop top that hits right at your true waist, paired with a fitting body pencil skirt that ends right below your knees.

kim k



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