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By: Danae Edmonds

Makeup on your wedding day should be simple and beautiful. While you don’t want to distract from your natural beauty, it is definitely okay to want to enhance your best features for this special day. Here are some tips combining drug store and luxury brands to get the perfect look without breaking the bank!

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1. Eye Lashes – Dramatic by e.l.f. $1

False lashes always make me feel like a super star, but only when properly applied. My favorite tips are to apply a great mascara first. Then, place a small drop of glue on your hand. Wait about 30 seconds to let the glue get tacky before using it. While you wait, cut each lash strip in half. It looks so much more natural when you only apply part of the strip to the middle and outer corner of your eye. After you lightly apply the glue and press it to your lashes, wait about 5 minutes for the glue to dry. When it does, apply another coat of your favorite mascara to blend your lashes and your falsies 😉

2. Blush – Whimsical by e.l.f. $5

This is a lovely but natural color that can you can build up to get as much color as you want. Sweep a little on your cheeks for starters and apply more as needed. Blushing Bride indeed.

3. Eyeshadow Palette – Naked by Urban Decay $54

While pricey, I swear by this palette for a couple of reasons. It is literally perfect for creating any and every classic look from a beautiful neutral day look, a dazzling gold eye, or a smokey eye. This is the palette that will make your forget about every other palette you have ever owned. Play around with it to create a look that is your own! ANNND there are some beautiful light colors that can double as a highlight. #WinWin

4. Lip Stain – Smitten by Revlon $8

Lip stains are awesome because you have nothing to worry about once applied. It stays put, looks natural, and is moisturizing. This is an awesome one that will look great with everything! Your lip color will be smudge free even after that life-changing kiss <3

And finally, the dress! (…because there is no way I could do this entire post without mentioning the most important part of your look!) The wedding dress that inspired this look is a tad nontraditional, but classy and show-stopping, making this look complete. The top of the dress is simple and elegant without taking away from your beauty. I love the pop of color and feathers at the bottom. It takes the dress to the next level and makes it even more chic. Pairing subtle, light makeup and a colored lip just seemed like the natural thing to do. Check out for more ideas for your bridal look!

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