Felicia’s Wise Words From Dad

Felicias WWFD

By: Felicia Fowler

“You know I’m proud of you right?” “I know Dad:)”. I didn’t get a chance to speak to my dad every day, maybe once a week via email, text message, and sometimes over the phone. This was mainly due to his career and service in the United States Army as a First Sargent, now a proud veteran.

As a kid it was the norm for Dad to be gone for long periods of time to the field or other deployments. As I got older I noticed that there was a lot we had missed out on as far as been able to spend time together. Every time he had to leave to go back after a vacation visit, it got harder each time to say “see you soon Daddy.” I remember the first time he left to be stationed in Germany, he told my sister and I “You already have two strikes against you, one you’re a woman, and two your black. Nothing in this world will be given to you, so work hard in school and make me and your mother proud. I had to be about eight years old, and to this day I have never forgotten those words.

On days when I feel my worst, or I think that I have not accomplished a lot in my 23 years of life, he reminds me every time we speak that he is proud of me. This is one of the main reasons I remain inspired, along with my faith. I strive to continuously to grow and to make my parents proud as a gift to show them how proud I am to be their child and all the sacrifices they have made for me and my siblings.

Wise words from my dad per Felicia Fowler.


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