The Girl Powered Voices of Prologue Profiles


By: Danae Edmonds

If you are not familiar with Prologue Profiles, you are missing out! Created by Dan Feld, Prologue Profiles tells the stories of “The Stories of Generation Why Not.” With more than 70 episodes of raw inspiration, PP is an invaluable resource. Listen for yourself, trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Jess Vaughn, Soap Maker


Franchesca ‘Chescaleigh’ Ramsey, Youtube

10349888_668374973251845_4298491554922035884_n Loren Brill, Baking Entrepreneur

10385414_661212410634768_8304757686773415740_n Kathryn Minshew, Tech Entrepreneur

996871_486767088079302_1356700127_n Taryn Multack, Nail Art Entrepreneur



All Graphics from Prologue Profiles.

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