Uplifting Reminders For The Young & Ambitious

Reminders WebsiteBy: Clarissa Rivera

Almost everyone forgets these things, which is exactly why i’m passing along this friendly reminder. Just by putting forth an attempt, you’ll be putting yourself at an uncommon advantage.


Create. This allows you to do whatever you want. How did I become a graduate? I went to school. How did I become an artist? I painted. How did I become a graphic designer? I designed. I didn’t receive professional training in any of these areas because I simply chose not to. When you create things that are worth noticing, you will be noticed.


Dream. The future is unpredictable and no matter what efforts are put into the present moment, we may or may not get what we want. Sucks. Why worry endlessly about the future if you can’t control it? Sometimes it can be disappointing, sometimes it rewards us, sometimes you may just get lucky! I say,  as long as your dream motivates you to work towards what you want and is positive, it’s important to have a vision to steer you.  Be careful not to live in your dream.  A dream stops being a positive thing when you’re un-accepting of your present situation/condition because you think you’ll only be at your happiest once you’ve achieved that dream.  Find happiness in your now and use your dreams to remind you of all the joyful experiences you are yet to live.



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