Vision Board

By: Danae Edmonds

Vision Board

9 times out of 10, I see things that others find useful as a waste of time. Writing Pros/Cons Lists, making outlines for papers…. The list goes on and on. I don’t typically see the point of making endless plans when you can start and finish the task at hand instead. Well that was before I made my vision board.  To me, having a vision board is like constantly being able to refocus on my end goals instead of being tied up in the details.  It can be difficult to keep what is most important in sight when you are dealing with daily struggles. There is something powerful about laying in bed at 2 AM and staring at all of your hopes and dreams physically in front of you. It has been said that when you put (realistic) goals on something physical they are more likely to happen as long as you work for them (duh). So, I have come up with a few tips on Vision Boarding.

1. Start with Pinterest. Create a new board and find pictures, quotes, and ideas that you want to use to help shape your future. Pin them and even print them to put on your board. (Here is our vision board on Pinterest!)

2. Magazine pages also serve as great inspiration. Cut out our favorite pieces!

3. Use a bulletin board, magnetic board, or even poster board to display all of your goals. The great thing about using magnets or pins is that you can easily replace things as you accomplish them!

4. Put your finished board somewhere that you will be able to look at it every day. Try to take a few minutes for yourself to look at your board.

danae SignaturePS. I have to say, the majority of the things that I put on my vision board have actually happened! How cool!

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