Hi Ladies!

We are so excited to share this month with you! We have lots planned and quite fitting as this month’s theme is ‘Grit.’ One thing I have definitely noticed along this journey is that it takes a certain amount of determination and persistence to achieve great things… Lots of preparation and some times even thinking on the spot, and creating opportunities when they don’t present themselves. That being said, you have to truly love what you are committing yourself to, otherwise, the hard work won’t seem worth it.

This month we are tackling how to keep negativity away from your dreams, partnering with ‘It Girl’ Lauren Rhew from Grit and Glitter Co. for our Galentine’s Day celebration, and talking with her about her passions! We can’t wait to share more details with you about our Galentine’s Day plans. Be on the lookout for additional information on our social media pages!

Talk soon!
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