Hi Ladies!

This month’s theme is ‘Words’. We use them everyday, all of the of time to convey our thoughts and share our insights with the world. We partnered with It Girl Kiwi Schloffel who uses her words and humor in her business, Craft Boner. We also want to share with you a few ways to use words to brighten each day.

We are big on positive vibes and intentions. They set the pace for an awesome life, even if the circumstances surrounding you aren’t the best. Here are a few ways to sneaking positive affirmations into your everyday life.

1. Alarms
Start your day with a motivational phrase or affirmation. Using your smart phone as an alarm, edit the label to something that will start you off on the right food. You can also set a midday reminder to give you that extra boost of confidence.

2. Passwords
Try setting your password to something fun like ‘yougotthis’ or ‘hellogorgeous’ (with a few numbers for added security) to give each login a dose of good vibes!

3. Home decor
Our little studio is covered in beautiful and inspiring little reminders. Try smaller prints from etsy or home goods. Don’t have cash at the moment? Sticky notes work perfect too!

4. Social media
We highly recommend a few accounts that post awesome and uplifting content all of the time. Give them a follow and turn your notifications on for them that way your phone buzzes when they post content. You won’t be sorry!

We hope these tips help and we can’t wait to share this month with you.

Talk soon!

Founder, etc.

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