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I hope you are ready because big things are headed your way. Speaking of Everything was created to bring women together so we thought it was in our best interest to be a place where women could come to seek information without the bias of politics, religion, or other subjects that divide us… That’s just not how humans work.

We are living in a time that doesn’t give us the luxury of detaching ourselves from the chaos around us. These undeniable truths that we are forced to confront everyday have made their presence known and it is evident that ignoring them doesn’t mean they go away. Speaking of Everything is not synonymous for Speaking of Only The Subjects That Make Us Feel Comfortable. We have a bigger duty to you and the world around us.

Now don’t misunderstand what I am saying. We are still gong to be sharing the stories of amazing girl bosses who are completely killing it in their respective industries. It is just that now those pieces might be accompanied by opinion pieces and statements like Black Lives Matter (’cause they do).

We are kicking off 2017 (our third year!) with It Girl and activist Tina Haver Currin. It is my hope that her story motivates you to get in formation. In just a few short days, our country will be changing over to a Donald Trump presidency. While no one knows exactly what that might look like, it is my belief that this era in history will be responsible for creating the most badass (sorry mom) women the world has ever seen, and that excites me.

So cheers to 3 years of SofE, a new year, and to growing together!

Founder, etc.

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