Lessons Learned from Trump’s First 100 Days

Lessons Learned from Trump’s First 100 Days

By: Danae Edmonds


An essay on privilege, entitlement, and the proverbial shooting of one’s shot.

As a black feminist liberal woman, I have a hard time admitting that I actually have learned/benefited from 45’s first 100 days. He is pretty insufferable but full of life lessons. This is not a piece bashing Trump or his administration because let’s be honest… that piece would be easy to write and has been done by people far more qualified than me. This is more so tips of survival… a guide if you will, of how to take the bad, find the good and apply it to your own life. Let’s get right into it.

Lesson 1: Privilege

Let me start by saying, privilege is something we pretty much all have, just varying degrees. I have been doing this thing lately, where I pretend to be a middle-aged white man (or woman, depending on the situation). For an example, see Apple Care woman (but dial it back a bit because she was cray and rude). I insist on making a way for myself in spaces where I am typically not invited. I push the limits in a nice way. Nice, but persistent. I basically demand a seat at the table and when I get there, I speak up which leads to my next lesson.

Lesson 2: Entitlement

“Who’s world is this? It’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine.” WHY NOT? In the era of Trump, I can’t afford to have any other attitude. I am tired of moving out of the way of mediocre men on the sidewalk for fear of them walking into me before they are willing to move out of my way. NOT ANYMORE. I am not interested in apologizing for existing. For having opinions. For taking up space. I was put on this planet the same way you were, and made no better or worse. I will carry myself with a sense of entitlement because I deserve to.

Lesson 3: Shooting One’s Shot

For those not familiar with the phrase, allow me just a moment to explain. Shooting your shot essentially means taking a risk. You have to shoot the ball for it to go in. If you don’t ever shoot, you can’t score. Sure, you might miss sometimes, but you have to play to win. 45 is the Russel Westbrook of shooting your shot. With no public service experience, homeboy ran for President of the United States of America… and won! Hell, any logical person would have said, don’t bother… I won’t win, I am completely unqualified for this position. Not Trump. He went for it. Is he in over his head? You betcha. Is he probably coming to terms with the fact that he didn’t actually want to be President? Signs point to yes. But he went for it anyway and he happened to win. What are you scared of? What seems like a stretch given your background or qualifications? Take a step (or twelve) outside of your comfort zone and go for it. I know I have, and it works.


While I am the first to point out all of the bad (so much bad) that has come from this skid mark on world history, I have to give credit where its due. We have far to go but at the end of Trump’s term (or when it comes to an end because let’s face it, there is no way he will make it four years) these are the lessons that I want to hold on to as I continue on in the resistance.

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